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HHS Shares Resources for Avoiding Ransomware Attacks

American College of Radiology, June 16, 2021 The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office for Civil Rights (OCR) is encouraging organizations to familiarize themselves with the growing threat of ransomware — malicious software that blocks access to a...

Cyberattack Drives 2 UF Health Hospitals to EHR Downtime

Health IT Security, June 7, 2021 Reports show UF Health in Central Florida leadership is looking into a cyberattack against two of its hospitals, while operating under EHR downtime procedures. Read full Health IT Security article.

Ransomware Task Force releases long-awaited recommendations

SC Media, April 29, 2021 The Ransomware Task Force (RTF), a collaboration of more than 60 stakeholders, released its long-awaited ransomware framework on Thursday morning, advocating nearly 50 interlocking government and private sector strategies to tackle the...

Health Care Ransomware Strains Have Hospitals in the Crosshairs

SECURITY INTELLIGENCE, April 23, 2021 The language of digital attacks shares a lot with the language of disease: ‘viruses’ ‘infect’ computers, and stopping their spread can be like trying to keep down a contagious disease. Read full Security Intelligence...

Healthcare Organizations: Moving to High Alert for Ransomware

CSO ONLINE, April 13, 2021 Numerous healthcare facilities were attacked in the last year, including one incident in Germany that lead to a death when ransomware locked systems and a patient needing critical care was turned away. Read full CSO Online article.

Secretary Mayorkas Outlines His Vision for Cybersecurity Resilience

Homeland Security, March 31, 2021 On March 31, Secretary Mayorkas outlined his vision and roadmap for the Department’s cybersecurity efforts in a virtual address hosted by RSA Conference, in partnership with Hampton University and the Girl Scouts of the USA. Read...

Rise in Healthcare Data Breaches Driven by Ransomware Attacks

CPO Magazine, March 18, 2021 There was a general rise in cyber crime in 2020 due to pandemic conditions, but one notable trend that stood out was a spike in the number of major healthcare data breaches. A new report from cybersecurity firm Tenable reviews the entirety...

CIS Launches No-Cost Ransomware Service for U.S. Hospitals

Center for Internet Security (CIS), February 18, 2021 The nonprofit Center for Internet Security announced this week that it had launched a no-cost ransomware protection service for private hospitals in the United States. The Malicious Domain Blocking and Reporting...

Hackers Dump More Health Data, as Feds Share Ransomware Factsheet

Health IT Security, February 8, 2021 The Conti ransomware hacking group recently released two massive healthcare data dumps tied to Leon Medical Centers and Nocona General Hospital on the dark web for sale. The leaks follow a newly released National Cyber...

Dead System Admin’s Credentials Used for Ransomware Attack

Healthcare Info Security, January 28, 2021 Operators of the Nefilim ransomware used the credentials of a deceased system administrator to plant their crypto-locking malware in about 100 vulnerable systems during one attack, according to a recent report published by...

Texas Medical Center Breach Affects 640,000

Data Breach Today, January 22, 2021 An apparent ransomware incident at a Texas healthcare organization has potentially compromised the protected health information of more than 640,000 individuals. Read full Data Breach Today article.

CISA Launches Campaign to Reduce the Risk of Ransomware

Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), January 21, 2021 The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) announced the Reduce the Risk of Ransomware Campaign today, a focused, coordinated and sustained effort to encourage public and...

FBI Warns Egregor Ransomware Actors Actively Extorting Entities

Cybersecurity News, Janury 7, 2021 A Wednesday FBI private industry notification warns entities that the threat actors behind Egregor ransomware are actively targeting and exploiting a range of global businesses. Read full Cybersecurity News article.

Cyberattacks on Healthcare Spike 45% Since November

Threat Post, January 5, 2021 The relentless rise in COVID-19 cases is battering already frayed healthcare systems — and ransomware criminals are using the opportunity to strike. Read full Threat Post article.

Ransomware in healthcare: The inevitable truth

MedCity News, October 30, 2020 The best path forward for healthcare organizations is first to understand the characteristics, causes, and indicators of ransomware attacks and then be proactive in taking preventative measures. Read full MedCity News article.

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