Facing the Health Ransomware Threat

In the first five months of 2021, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) identified 48 ransomware infections impacted healthcare organizations in the United States. For healthcare victims of ransomware infections, Sophos states the average cost in 2020 often exceeded $1.27 million and continued long after the infection was resolved. Many healthcare victims of ransomware face long-term recovery costs, including costs to rebuild networks and lawsuits from patients.

Intelligence Driven Exercises and Solutions (IDEAS): An uncomplicated approach for solving complicated problems

As part of our continued focus on solving problems for a safer world, MITRE recognizes that one of our nation’s greatest challenges is that threats and adversaries are constantly evolving. Technology advances by leaps and bounds. To stay ahead of the game, we must continuously be checking and refining our assumptions, methods, and strategies. Tabletop exercises are a form of serious games that have long been used by government agencies to sharpen their focus on a problem set and their understanding of the people, processes, and technologies associated with them. Based on our previous experience, MITRE experts have developed a methodology for implementing and scaling table top exercises we call Intelligence Driven Exercises and Solutions or IDEAS.

How Ransomware Is Affecting Healthcare

Joanne Fitzpatrick is a lead cybersecurity engineer in MITRE’s Cyber Solutions Innovation Center. She works closely with a range of government sponsors to increase their situational awareness and improve their resiliency to cyber attacks. She began her career at MITRE working on network architectures and security for Air Force systems.

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