Deploy additional defenses relevant to ransomware.  Implement resiliency by regularly backing up all critcial data and deploying means to operate critical healthcare functions in case of attack.


Cyber Resiliency

Cyber resiliency is the engineering process to ensure IT systems are able to anticipate, withstand, and recover from events that could stop operations of an organization’s key processes. This practice is critical for successful defense against ransomware attacks.

Cyber Threat Intelligence Sharing

When possible and appropriate for their circumstances, organizations should share cyber threat intelligence with peer institutions and government entities. Official forums exist to facilitate this, such as HS-ISAC. These sharing relationships can also be an excellent source of threat intelligence for your organization.

Ransomware Techniques in ATT&CK

We have created a specific view within the ATT&CK Navigator that shows some of the known ransomware actors and their tactics and techniques.

NIST Data Integrity: Identifying and Protecting

This NIST Ransomware Practice Guide shows how organizations can develop and implement appropriate actions/technologies to remediate gaps in an organization cybersecurity implementation using existing commercial products, which can be deployed before a detected cybersecurity event.

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