“The MS-ISAC in 2019 observed a 153% increase in the number of reported SLTT government ransomware attacks from the previous year. Many of these incidents resulted in significant network downtime, delayed services to constituents, and costly remediation efforts. The MS-ISAC largely attributes this increase to Ryuk ransomware infections and compromises affecting Managed Service Providers (MSP) that service SLTT governments. Not only are victims at risk of losing access to their systems and files, but they may also experience financial loss due to legal costs, purchasing credit monitoring services for employees/customers, or ultimately deciding to pay the ransom. The effects of a ransomware attack are particularly catastrophic when they impact emergency services and critical infrastructure, such as 911 call centers and hospitals.”*

Read more information and download PDF on the CIS site.


*Excerpt from www.cisecurity.org.

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