Before an Attack

Assess Risk

  • The vulnerabilities of your infrastructure to various attacks must be assessed to understand the risks
  • The first step is to identify your critical processes and the systems on which they depend. A Crown Jewels Analysis (CJA) is a structured approach to capturing dependencies
  • Cyber Operations Rapid Assessment (CORA) is a tool to assess your overall cyber security operations and infrastructure
  • We have created a specific view within the ATT&CK Navigator that shows some of the known ransomware actors and their tactics and techniques
  • Once this is understood, the intersection of known threats with critical systems and existing defenses will help assess the risk your organization faces
  • Risk assessment will allow you to prioritize your investments in mitigations


  • White paper
  • Tools?


  • White paper
  • Survey with healthcare additions

ATT&CK Navigator

  • Ransomware specific

Defense Risk Matrix

  • Maps threats to mitigations
  • Identifies gaps


  • Determine most effective mitigations

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